Founded in 1976, National Roofing is one of New Mexico’s oldest and largest commercial roofing companies dedicated to installing state-of-the-art roofing systems and providing specialty roofing and waterproofing services. 

Society is recognizing that construction is no longer a “man’s industry” - and National Roofing, a well-known leader in the roofing industry, is proud to continue their leadership by embracing these changes.  


“The changes in the roofing and construction industry are huge. We are seeing more women involved in the industry, more women on top of roofs, more women leading projects,” said Jennifer Doherty, Business Development Associate at National Roofing. 


The company has equal numbers of men and women leaders, and some of which did not come from the roofing industry. 

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President, Jackson Johns, says inviting people outside of the roofing industry with different backgrounds, skill sets, and perspectives is necessary for long-term success. 


“Diversity is strength,” Jackson said. 

National Roofing values integrity, equality and trust - and these values are the glue for the company’s culture.

“Our company culture seems to be laid back with our President,” said Ginger Bennett, National Roofing Accountant. “There is a great deal of comradery and encouragement here. At the same time we are diligent in our pursuit of excellence.” 


National Roofing recognizes the value in having a positive and productive work environment, where employees feel appreciated for their work and their successes are celebrated. 


“Every accomplishment is valued and recognized,” said Lhia Vera, National Roofing’s Receptionist. “We work to lift each other up and help one another accomplish greatness as a team.”


At National Roofing, the team environment encourages a family-friendly culture to develop, making the company a home away from home for many. 


“I love the atmosphere here and really enjoy working with everyone,” said Lori Gunnare, National Roofing’s Chief Business Development Officer. “We have such a wonderful team, it’s hard to stay away.” 


Despite National Roofing’s internal culture, the roofing industry can still pose challenges for women in the workplace. National Roofing’s Head of Contracts and Estimating, Maribel Munoz, says it’s not about the challenge but instead how women take action.


“Demonstrate how you meet or exceed the standards, take risks, be a role model, surround yourself with the right people,” Maribel Munoz said. “And most importantly, embrace being a woman and support each other.” 


Many of National Roofing’s women are active leaders in various organizations that not only support the company, but support their individual roles as women.


“Women need to be advocates for women. We need to build each other up, celebrate our wins, and empower one another,” said Tracey Gossett, a leader in National Roofing’s Business Development Team and a member of the roofing organization National Women In Roofing. 


National Roofing’s Wonder Women attended NMSCPA’s Women’s Leadership Summit this last August where they were able to celebrate their continued growth with a community of like-minded women. 


The one-day event was interactive and lead by multiple speakers, offering opportunities to network and learn. Topics of discussion ranged from how to find one’s personal strength to the significance of mentorship, and ended with how to best tackle tasks at work taking principals from essentialism. 


National Roofing sees the reward in offering educational and team-building events to bring its employees together. Maribel Munoz says National Roofing empowers its employees by “providing opportunities to grow within the company and being treated as equals.”


The company strives to take care of all its employees and practice equality in every situation. Francine Campos, Chief of Human Resources Officer at National Roofing, says that National Roofing puts a lot of focus into the employees and their company culture. 


“Most recently, we added Parental Leave that support men and women to allow them to bond with new family additions,” said Francine Campos. “We also are focusing more on process improvements and career development plans, allowing employees to grow their skill sets for long-term career growth.” 


National Roofing believes its employees are its most valuable assets, and the company is proud to have such a talented group of Wonder Woman on their team. 


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