Any roofing system is an investment, and any investment must be protected and maintained. Sadly, this sage advice is often ignored. In any given year, fully one-third of all roof related expenses will be unbudgeted, meaning that the owner is suddenly left scrambling for money. This is, obviously, an unfavorable situation for anyone.

The most common way this is done is through warranty. Typically, we offer our warranties through the manufacturer of the roofing products used, meaning that not only is the quality of the product assured, but our workmanship undergoes a rigorous inspection by the manufacturer before they will sign a warranty on it. Warranties do wonders for quality assurance.

Warranties come in a variety of types, each holding an advantage for what specifically the roofing assembly is covering. These range from a depreciating value warranty for residential work, typically between costing $500-1000, and lasting for five years, to a No Dollar Limit (NDL) warranty for commercial work, ranging from a nickel to a dime per square foot for ten years, and finally a Total System NDL warranty for manufacturing, heavy commercial or sensitive facilities, ranging from ten to thirty years in length, with a cost typically between seven and seventeen cents a square foot.