5 Roofing Tips to Stay Safe This Fourth of July

The fourth of July is a time of celebration, family, good food, and fireworks. While fireworks are an essential part of this holiday, there are some dangers that come with this tradition. In the seconds that follow the explosion of the firework, there are falling embers; you know, the shimmering, most beautiful part of the firework that we all love to watch. However, despite those embers being beautiful, they are still burning at a high temperature as they fall to the ground.

Normally, as the embers fall, they decrease in temperature with the cool air opposing their drop. With temperatures in the 100’s here in New Mexico, this poses an even higher risk for the embers not cooling off and landing on a fire hazard. Fireworks cause over 1,300 structure fires per year throughout the United States, and we want to make sure you and your families are protected this year.

National Roofing recommends these 5 tips you and your family can do to keep safe this Fourth of July season. If you would like to get in touch with our Residential Team for estimates and inquires, call 505.883.3000.

1. New Mexico is known to be a very dry, and windy state. This means that leaves, sticks, and general dried plants find themselves gathered onto the roof or gutters; unnoticed for long periods of time.

These dried leaves and sticks make for—you guessed it, the perfect fire starter. All it takes is one ember to catch a leaf and spread on top or near your roof, causing the rest of the house to become susceptible to a house fire.

To prevent this, look at what’s hanging out in your gutters, and clean any large piles of leaves or dried shrubbery up; it’s a fire waiting to happen.

2. If your roof has any damage to it—despite what material it’s made of, exposed underlayment or exposed plywood/decking can catch and cause large fires. Consulting with a trusted roofer prior to exploring your roof is important because you might still be covered under warranty, and stepping on your roof might cancel that warranty. Call us at 505.883.3000 or go to our Residential Page if you would like to learn more!

3. Did you know that if a firework were to accidentally land on your roof and explode, it can not only cause damage, but it can cause material to weaken and welcome water in when the monsoons hit. In other words, you may not see any initial damage, but with every storm, that weakened spot could create bigger issues.

Unfortunately, we can’t prepare you for an accidental firework landing on your roof. What we suggest, however, is making sure your roof is prepared for any impact. Be prepared by not only cleaning your gutters and any branch overhang, but make sure your roof is in good condition.

4. Make sure your roof is a Class A Fire Rated Roof—not all roofing materials are fire-resistant, so having a Class A Fire Rated Roof is key to staying safe. PVC Membrane, as well as metal are fire-resistant materials that National Roofing commonly uses on our projects and are two of the most Fire-Resistant material out there. Fortunately, even if your roof is not made of Class A Fire Resistant material, if the assembly is done correctly, it should still prevent the promotion of a fire. (Still consult with your roofer, or give us a call!)

5. Lastly, don’t watch fireworks from the rooftop! Roof falls happen more often than you think; and not just falling off a roof, but through a roof. Additionally, setting up chairs to watch the fireworks can cause the roofing material to be compressed in one specific area—making a hole that you will regret later.

For more information, or to contact us, call 505.883.3000.

From all of us to you , Happy Fourth of July.

Have fun, stay safe!

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