National Roofing Offers Tutoring Program To Families Of Employees

Due to the pandemic, Albuquerque schools have implemented online schooling to practice safe learning and social distancing. To help our employees and their families during this transition, National Roofing created a tutoring program for all grade levels to provide additional learning opportunities for their children. “We asked our team members how we can help and the consensus was offering tutoring to their children, so we started a tutoring program” said Francine Campos, Chief of Human Resources Officer of National Roofing.

It’s a strange and challenging time with us all learning how to balance work and school in ways that has never been anticipated. National Roofing felt the need to provide as much support as possible, especially to the parents who are raising their children during this pandemic. We value our employees and recognize that they are our greatest asset, and the children of our employees represent the future of our workforce.

“It’s not only the right thing to do from the perspective of trying to be a compassionate human being, but it’s a smart move from the perspective of maintaining an educated workforce and community in the future,” said Jackson Johns, President of National Roofing. The program consists of weekly virtual visits with Christie Ryan and Charmaine Alvarado, experienced teachers with extensive backgrounds in children education. They shared how this has been a new experience tutoring and teaching for National Roofing online and it’s been a success. “This has been the first year I have tutored via Zoom, and it has been a learning process for me. However, I feel like it is going pretty well,” said Charmaine Alvarado. “I think that this is wonderful what National Roofing is doing for their employees during this time that we are in. The kids are having a hard enough time not being able to go to school, so any extra help to them is beneficial.” “One of the biggest rewards so far, besides learning tech tips from the kids, is getting to know the amazing kids participating in this program. I’m really excited to be a part of this program! I haven’t seen it in Albuquerque offered in this way and will be so beneficial for the students participating,” said Christie Ryan.

National Roofing employees whose children are participating in the tutoring program say that this initiative has been most helpful and have seen academic progress.

“The tutoring program has provided my kids the one on one time with an Educator that they are not able to receive in their current remote learning situation. It gives me some peace of mind knowing they are getting specialized attention, attention they desperately need,” said Amanda Branch, National Roofing Administrative Specialist. National Roofing aims to provide not only a safe and fun working environment, but also one that assists in both personal and professional development. We feel that this tutoring program is a great reflection of our core values: GRACE.

Gratitude: We are thankful for the sacrifices our employees are making and want to reward that. Resilience: We will find a way to make life function when normalcy has changed. Achievement: We will keep finding ways to do great things. Consistency: We want to reinforce the importance of education. Excellence: We want to do the best job we can, no matter the circumstances. President of National Roofing, Jackson Johns, says that the company will continue this program as long as there is a need for it. “There have been some really good things that have come out of the changes that we’ve been forced to make as a result of COVID-19,” said Jackson Johns. “We are building a community here. If we find a way to help make our lives a little easier, or another opportunity to put our values into action, we’re going to take it, pandemic or not.”

Photo provided by Amanda Branch.

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