National Roofing celebrates 2019 with employee appreciation party

Last Friday, December 13th, National Roofing showed its appreciation of its employees with its sister-companies - Midtown Metal, Building Envelope Services, and Colibri Media - by hosting an end of year party in the warehouse.

Each company took a moment to speak about their team's dedication, hard-work, and success. Jackson Johns, President of National Roofing, acknowledged seven employees who had been on National Roofing's team for over 10 years with professional service and dedication.

The party served food and drinks, raffled off give-aways, and staged a photo booth with props for everyone to enjoy! With all four sister-companies housed in the same headquarters, it was a wonderful way to celebrate the holidays and upcoming new year.

Below are some highlights of the event!

Employee Appreciation party hosted in National Roofing's warehouse with sister-companies:

Midtown Metal, Building Envelope Services, and Colibri Media.

From left to right: National Roofing's receptionist and Spanish-translator, Lhia Vera, and President, Jackson Johns.

From left to right: Tracey Gossett, Colleen Franco, Hannah Perry, Lori Gunnare, Francine Campos.

From left to right: James Bajek, Stan Adams, Sam Johnson, Zach Kirk, and Enrique Rocha-Marquez (Midtown Metal).

From left to right: Davis Peynetsa, Chris Brisson, Craig Homer, Josh Peynetsa (Building Envelope Services).

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