National Roofing has a Popsicle Party with St. Luke Preschool

National Roofing recently reroofed St. Luke Preschool's facility and neighboring church.

Our Business Development Representative, Tracey Gossett, saw an opportunity to make this reroof project an educational experience for the children at St. Luke Preschool.

With NRCA's book, "Is this a Roof?", popsicles and bags, Tracey and National Roofing's crew put together a Popsicle Party at the school - letting the children read the books and ask our roofers their many questions about tools, materials, and everything else! All items were donated to St. Luke Preschool.

"The preschool children had been watching the roofers at work for days and were very interested in what they were doing, how they got up there, and what tools they were using. When the guys came down from the roof and into the playground, the children were mesmerized! The roofers were right there in the children’s play space, and they brought popsicles for everyone! Tracey talked with the children about how hot it was up on the roof and the roofers cooled off with popsicles right along with the children. On the days following the popsicle party, the children were more adventurous about saying “hi” to the roofers. Not only do we have a new, leak free roof that will last for years, but it was completed by guys to took the time to make it an adventure for the children."

- Lori Erven, Director at St. Luke Preschool

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