National Roofing Hires New Business Development Representative

National Roofing, one of New Mexico’s oldest and largest commercial roofing companies, has added Tony Chowaniec to their team as a Business Development Representative.

In his new position, Tony’s goal is to become a solid and integral part of the team.

Driven and ready for a new challenge, Tony is excited to be a part of National Roofing’s work. To better get to know our new team member, we asked him some questions!


Q: What is your position at National Roofing Company? A: Business Development Representative.

Q: What attracted you to National Roofing?

A: The real attraction to National Roofing came after my panel interviews. Through research I already knew National Roofing was a leader in the industry. But after I sat down with the panels, I was struck by everyone’s commitment. Collaboration was a common theme. I sensed the personal pride that the teams had in themselves and National Roofing. I felt that something special was going on here. And I want to be a part of that!

Q: What do you hope to achieve in your new position?

A: My ultimate goal in my new position is to be a solid and integral part of the team. I want to be considered a knowledgeable and valued part of the process by the clients and my fellow team members.

Q: What are the expectations that have been set for you in this new position? A: Some of my current expectations are to build long-term, trusting relationships with clients. Proactively seek new business. Work with the client from start to finish. Maintaining quality customer services. Work with and be an added value part of the team.

Q: What assets do you bring to the company? A: I believe my ability to adapt quickly to new challenges through solid multi-tasking and not being afraid to ask questions. I worked for many years in a fast paced retail environment, that included dealing with different types of people. I like to think I listen well to others and genuinely look at all sides of a project seeing to a top-tier result.

Q: What challenges do you face? A: My biggest current challenge is learning the roofing industry. I need to grasp and understand all facets of commercial roofing. From materials to installation and everything in between.

Q: What does success mean to you? A: Success can have a different meaning on a daily basis. But a constant question I ask is “Did I affect my little part of the world in a positive way?” If the answer is yes, then I was a success.

Q: What is your motivation for success? A: My chief motivation for success is challenging myself. Challenge myself to be an expert in my field. Challenge myself to always be a better team member. Challenge myself to always achieve.

Q: With one word, describe yourself.

A: Passionate.

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