National Roofing Hires New Business Development Associate

National Roofing, one of New Mexico’s oldest and largest commercial roofing companies, has added Jennifer Doherty to their team as a Business Development Associate.

In her new position, Jennifer’s goal is to develop a deep understanding of roofing materials.

Jennifer will be graduating this month from UNM’s School of Anderson, and she is excited for National Roofing to be a part of this next chapter of her career!


Q: What attracted you to National Roofing? A: The integrity that National Roofing has. They stand by their products.

Q: What do you hope to achieve in your new position? A: A deep understanding of roofing materials, how they are built, and how to fix them.

Q: What are the expectations that have been set for you in this new position? A: Work with the client from the beginning to the end of the project, stay up to date with new products and services, contacting potential clients, and helping with the marketing and business development.

Q: What assets do you bring to the company? A: I have a very bubbly personality and I am very creative. I can also strike up a conversation with anybody!

Q: What challenges do you face? A: I do not have any construction industry experience, but I am excited to learn!

Q: What does success mean to you? A: Success for me means understanding the job and completing it to the best of my ability. It means not being afraid to ask for help or admit I am wrong.

Q: What is your motivation for success? A: My motivator for success is being able to have and provide for the life I want. I want to be successful in life, and be able to have a career I am proud of.

Q: With one word, describe yourself.

A: Positive.

Q: What are some fun facts about you? A: I have a twin sister who lives in Yellowstone National Park! She is a supervisor at Old Faithful Inn, the oldest hotel in the United States. I am also a childhood cancer survivor. I had leukemia at the age of 2, but no worries, I’m cured!

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