NRCA's #NationalRoofingWeek

It was a pleasure to participate in NRCA's #NationalRoofingWeek, June 3-9, to help spread the awareness and importance of professional roofing contractors.

National Roofing kicked off #NationalRoofingWeek by sharing a timelapse of a previous project. Thank you to our sister-company, Colibri Media House, for capturing this development.

As day 2 of #NationalRoofingWeek, National Roofing shared photos of Troy Mathes, a National employee of 10 years, and Bobby Jaramillo, a National employee of 21 years, to thank them for their hard work and dedication in the roofing industry in honor of #EmployeeAppreciation.

Troy Mathes & Baudel Palacidos Bobby Jaramillo & Baldmar Martinez

National Roofing shared Saul Soto's accomplishment of completing NMRCA's Roofers Apprenticeship Program. He was committed to completing 4000 hours of On the Job Training, 288 hours of Related Classroom Instruction, learning 6 levels of OJT, 9 modules of Related Instruction and 12 - 4 hour classes of Hands on Training in a 2 year period.

National Roofing was proud to celebrate #EmployeeTraining and thrilled to showcase it during day 3 of #NRCA's #NationalRoofingWeek.

Saul Soto & Chief Business Development Officer Lori Gunnare

On day 6 Colibri Media House created a video of some of National Roofing's employees in celebration of NRCA's #NationalRoofingWeek. Enjoy the video!

Don't forget to check out National Roofing's Facebook page to see all the themes we participated in for NRCA's #NationalRoofingWeek!

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