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National Roofing Company was awarded the

2018 Firestone Master Contractor Award


National Roofing has won the award every year since 1993 based on Quality Incidence Rating.


We asked our President, Jackson Johns, what it means to win this award:


Q: What does it mean to be a Firestone Master Contractor?


A: Being a Firestone Master Contractor is evidence of the extraordinary quality that we bring to the roofing market. It is a select group of roofing contractors who typically embody the best practices within the roofing industry.


Q: Why is being a Firestone Master Contractor significant to NRC?


A: Being a Master Contractor is a point of pride for us at National Roofing. We have won the award more times than every other contractor in our market place combined and multiplied by three. It truly sets us apart from any other roofing contractor in our market area.


Q: What does it take to be a Firestone Master Contractor?


A: It’s done on a points system, and while volume certainly matters, in order to win it consistently a company needs dedication and commitment to quality. We have embraced quality craftsmanship as part of our identity and part of our reason for existing. This is what it takes to win a Firestone Master Contractor as many times as we have.


Q: Why has Firestone named NRC a Firestone Master Contractor for 25 consecutive years?


A: Because quality is a core value for us, and one that we have consistently shown at a high volume for two and a half decades. There’s no other roofing company in New Mexico that is like National Roofing Company.


Q: Why does NRC continue to partner with Firestone for commercial roofing projects?


A: Business is about relationships and we certainly have a great one with Firestone. This has allowed us to deliver high quality materials at competitive prices to our customers. Firestone treats contractors very well, and in turn, we carry this to our market. It is a fantastic strategic partnership for both National Roofing and Firestone, but most importantly, our customers are the ones who truly benefit the most. That’s Thinking on Top.

I’d also like to thank the tremendous people over at Ridgeline Supply and the Upland Corporation. We would not win this award if it weren’t for their extraordinary professionalism, insight and problem-solving capabilities. National Roofing may be the recipient of the Master Contractor, but the team at Ridgeline Supply and the Upland Corporation are right there with us every step of the way. That partnership is at least as important as our partnership with Firestone.

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