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National Roofing's Project Managers standing with founder, Tom Johns, and President, Jackson Johns, in front of commercial headquarters.

From left to right: Andres Hernandes, Troy Mathes, Stewart Johnson, Ed MacFarlane, Jackson Johns, Tom Johns, Don McAneney, Eric Mizen, Eli Nuanez, Ieremia Tauala, Rudy Borroel, Manny Ramos 

Tom Johns founded National Roofing in 1976, opening its first set of doors in a small 450 sq. ft office on Edith Boulevard before building its first commercial headquarters in 2006 on Columbia Drive. Tom says their growth and success is due to knowledge, as the company makes it a priority to educate and train all their employees. 

"Knowledge was going to be the key to success," said Tom. "Ultimately that's what separated us from the masses, was our understanding." 

National Roofing’s vision is to deliver outstanding quality and service that adds the most value to the marketplace in New Mexico. They also have an internal vision: to take care of their employees as best they can. 

“We have two reputations. One is, if we make a mistake we try to air on the overcorrection side. We are always improving,” said Tom. “And two is, our obligation to take care of each other here, because we do quite literally eat off the same table.” 

Tom's son and President of National Roofing, Jackson Johns, watched how his father built and lead the company while still practicing this vision.

“The value that always stood out to me growing up is how Tom used to say ‘we’re all eating off the same plate’ and took real pride in the idea that we are going to take care of the people here," said Jackson. 

National Roofing's primary goal is to deliver quality work and exceptional service, and Jackson says that service is done both internally and externally. The company serves the community with roofing and serves its employees with their careers at National Roofing because it would be a "vehicle for employees to lead better lives." 

The culture at National Roofing is about expertise and mutual respect and “everyone has a voice and the right and opportunity to contribute,” said Tom. 

Jackson continues, “It’s not so much the idea that it’s a bunch of individuals serving a team, it is we have a team built to serve our individual efforts."

“Change in evolution, in growth, in prosperity has been good, has been profitable, engaging and successful,” said Tom. 

With the company's growth and success, Tom predicted the company’s next relocation would take place under his son’s leadership, Jackson Johns, in 2020. 

National Roofing accomplished that milestone early in July by moving its headquarters to an upgraded and modern facility of 40,000 sq. ft. necessary for the exciting developments the Johns have planned within their growing organization. Jackson says the company will now be focusing on consolidation and expansion.

“This is the first step in a new journey,” said Jackson, President of National Roofing. “It represents a transition between where we’ve been and where we are going.”

So what's the next for National Roofing? 

“Continue development and growth in the building envelope business, hopefully even in the manufacturing sector,” said Tom.  

“We’re trying to stake out a pretty unique position, not only in this marketplace but in this industry, and making a change towards not just being a roofing company,” said Jackson. “There’s an opportunity there for us to grow and continue to provide that service to our community. We are very good at what we do, so why don’t we get very good at a couple other things?"

National Roofing recognizes their most valuable assets are its people, and moving forward the company will focus on advancing their team. 

“They are the most critical layer to our mission, to our financial success, and longevity,” said Jackson. “They are our success. And the biggest metric of success on a day to day basis is when I walk around this building and see people smiling and laughing and having fun at their jobs." 

The changes and growth of National Roofing show our community the new Faces of Roofing, but the company's vision and team of professionals who work daily to keep Albuquerque covered are never changing. 

Jackson said, "In another ten years, National Roofing is still going to be a company built around our core values like integrity, learning, and service, just bigger, broader, and better able to serve more people in more ways.”