Montezuma Lodge

431 Paseo De Peralta

Santa Fe, NM 87501

General Contractor:

National Roofing Company, Inc.


Lloyd & Associates Architects



Type of work: Re-Roof - TPO

Roof Area: 10,100 sq. ft.

Warranty: 20 Year Red Shield Roofing System Warranty

On this multi-roof project, NRC installed a roofing system composed of a vapor barrier membrane, insulation board, cover board and an 80 mil TPO membrane.  Before installing the new system, NRC preformed a complete tear-off of the existing roof assembly along with a thorough cleaning of the concrete deck.  A primer was applied to the deck prior to the installation of the V-Force vapor barrier membrane.  Following the vapor barrier, a two-inch layer of ISO insulation was fastened to the deck and sloped crickets were installed in order to direct drainage to the scuppers. To provided added strength and protection to the roof system, a layer of half-inch Securock gypsum-fiber roof board was secured above the insulation.  The assembly was topped with an 80 mil TPO membrane, with 60 mil flashing going up and over the walls and terminating at a 24-gage prefinished edge metal.

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